Astrid L'Estrange



Name: Astrid Veronica L’Estrange

Codename: Pilot

Power base: Mental (?)

Primary Power: Intuitive aptitude

Primary Weapon: Cars.

Appearance: 165m, slender build, Caucasian, shoulder-length pale blonde hair, hazel eyes.

Age: 22 years old.

Occupation: Mechanic


Astrid L’Estrange is the second daughter of William L’Estrange, an aerospace engineer, and Shannon Villareal, a landscape architect. Following Astrid’s birth, William and Shannon were involved with an extended lawsuit with the pediatric ward at Central City Hospital. The case was sealed to maintain the privacy of the parties involved; only the final settlement of $8 million remains on the public record. This landmark award of damages – one of the highest in the Hospital’s history – added to the L’Estrange’s already-significant fortune.

Growing up, Astrid was always treated with slight dismissal by her parents, almost as if they never expected her to do well, and their expectations of her were lax to the point of ambivalence. Indeed, Astrid never flourished as a student, despite attending the most prestigious school, and having access to the best teachers and the widest range of opportunities, not to mention her parents’ own pool of knowledge. After school, she settled, with very moderate ambition, into a automobile mechanic’s apprenticeship, to which she has taken surprisingly well.

Astrid’s closest friend in the world is her older brother, the up-and-coming 25yo inventor and entrepreneur, Oliver L’Estrange, who continues, despite his parents and his sister’s inertia, to try to push Astrid to do more, to achieve up to what he believes to be her potential.

Astrid L'Estrange

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