Gadgeteer Villain who uses specialised missile weaponry.


Ballista is a lightly-armoured, missile-wielding villain. DEIMOS currently recognises him as Ballista; what he calls himself is currently unknown.

In The Book Club, Ballista fights an assortment of weird heroes before being apprehended by Masaki Ueno and Phaeton. They struggle before T-Swizzle puts him out of commission and John Doe imprisons him, after which he is taken into custody by DEIMOS.

In Gear Hunting, Ballista encounters Aiya and Shiori, and battles Rory shortly before being put out of commission by Gale and Polaris. Sick from radiation poisoning (!) he was once again taken into DEIMOS custody.

In A little eavesdropping never hurt anyone, Eidolon reveals that Ballista is part of the Lighthouse Foundation, and pressures Grade to release him.


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