Benjamin Adler

Head of HumanityPlus.


Mr Adler is a quiet, stern man. He only speaks when he needs to, but it is mostly to give orders. He has a strong manner about him despite his silence, and his stance and expression is enough to make anyone nervous around him. It is impossible to know what he is thinking, though he is known to adjust his glasses when he is. It is very unwise to cross him. Benjamin puts on a slightly more amicable mask when facing the press, but never is he seen smiling. They say those he smiles at are never seen again, however those who say that are more like to disappear.


Benjamin will quickly talk about the virtuous work HumanityPlus does, including taking in orphans to help them find homes and funding many charities while doing such charity work themselves. Benjamin has a rich corporate history, ranging from small companies to massive corporations. He controls a fair few large businesses and uses a lot of that money as well as his own to fund HumanityPlus.

Benjamin Adler

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