White mage with no sense of anesthesia


Name: Dante
Age: 10
Likes: helping people, seeing new places
Hates: bad people, getting stopped from helping others
Abilities: healing, support spells
Occupation: Healer
Family: Unknown


Dante is earnest about helping people. He will do whatever he can, whether it’s healing or small errands. He is straightforward and stubborn, insisting on helping people immediately. He doesn’t understand circumstances where it may be better to leave things be or wait before taking action. Because of feeling a lack of progress no matter how much effort he put into his lessons, Dante tends to overcompensate. When faced with difficulty or failure, he’d more often do the same thing harder rather than try to find another way.


An orphan taken in by a healer monastery, he was raised as a healer for as long as he remembered. He became earnest in helping others, and he learned spells quickly. By 10 years old, he could heal, boost stats, and create barriers around people. He should have been an ideal healer, but he was still treated as a beginner. The monastery saw his abilities as defective. He could heal severe wounds, but the trauma many of his clients get makes it questionable whether it was worth it or not. His support abilities had large downsides as well. The monastery really tries to help Dante modify his magic for the better, but the harder he tries to control how his magic works, the stronger the side effects get.

Because of his magic’s special attributes, he is usually dispatched as either a last resort or as a free service. The free service is mostly there to teach cheapskates the value of getting what you pay for. Sometimes he is sent to heal unwanted intruders, much to his confusion.


Heal – heals wounds, but it feels like a incredibly rushed crude surgery without painkillers compressed within a few seconds. Targets can feel open wounds being pinched together, the itchy sensation of forced cell activity, swellings being rapidly drained as if sucked off by a vacuum attached to a needle, and so on. In short, it reeeeaaaally hurts a lot. May cause spasms, incredibly loud screaming, tongue biting, trauma, or all of the above.

Cure – Pretty much like heal but on sicknesses. Wherever the poison/viruses are, they are squeezed out of the nearest pore or orifice. It hurts as much as it sounds. Any damage done to the body will be healed the same way as an ordinary heal.

Shield – encases targets within a strong, spherical, invisible barrier. It protects targets from all outside harm, but is immobile and lets nothing through. Not even air.

Speed up – instantly increases the speed of the target. but not their senses and reaction time.

Strength up – instantly increases power of the target, but that’s all. The body isn’t adjusted to take on the strain of the increased strength. Bones may break if not handled carefully, and punching something with twice the power will still hurt the user as much as it should.

Defense up – instantly increases the defenses of the target. Target needs to exert more effort to move due to the added resistance from the spell. The body may be able to take more hits well, but they still hurt as much as they should.

Revive – Only possible on immediate death, while it is still possible to catch the soul around the area. Maybe after a few minutes at most. Grabs the soul and shoves it into the body. The target gets the shock of suddenly feeling all the pain of his death after their peaceful slumber. As if that wasn’t enough, he gets automatically healed as well.



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