Hideaki Degawa

[FV] Student in Senta High School, Class 2-A


Hideaki Degawa is a student in Senta High School’s Class 2-A.

He is a fun-loving guy and fairly knowledgeable about physics, although he is careful to avoid Mr. Hayashi’s gaze. He has a habit of drinking a liquid meal shake instead of eating a full lunch during breaks. He has a phone with a decent camera, and will post interesting photos to an online message board for Senta students.

Hideaki has an older brother, whom he almost never refers to by name. He is friends with Shiori Terauchi and can be the victim of violence when he speaks his mind.

Although well-supported due to being a student of Senta High School, Hideaki still works a part-time job in a confectionery store.


Hideaki Degawa

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