Hideki Shiroi-Miyamuri

[FV] Son of Rika Shiroi-Miyamuri. Former member of DEIMOS.


Birthday: 10/13


Hideki Shiroi-Miyamuri is the young son of Rika Shiroi-Miyamuri.

Hideki has always doted on his sister Megumi and has a tendency to be highly protective of his family. Although he has latent psionic powers, he rarely uses them, preferring instead to use spellcasting and his naturally manifested ability to produce and control ice. His relationship with Grade is mixed; although he considers him a staunch ally of the family, he is jealous of the attention his mother lavishes on the young DEIMOS Director.

After his tenure in DEIMOS, Hideki has settled into a quiet life as a Political Science student at Senta University.

Hideki Shiroi-Miyamuri

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