Izumi Yamada

Close friend of Makoto Ito. Works in the government's Registration Office.


Izumi Yamada is the friend of Makoto Ito. She works in the Government Registration Office where birth certificates and the like are filed. She is a cheerful, spunky and very loyal person, putting herself at risk without hesitation to help her friends. She knows a fair amount of self-defense fighting, and so can defend herself to a degree if she’s ever attacked. She keeps a taser in her purse at all times, but you’ll only know when it’s too late.


She knows Makoto Ito from university. They are close friends, but haven’t seen each other in a long time. She is a college dropout that ended up working for the government to pay for her shopping habits. She’s loose with money, but always seems to have the cash she needs.

Izumi Yamada

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