Judith Strand

An employee of Central City Zoo. She mainly handles the reptiles under a team leader.


Judith is a gentle, caring, soft-spoken young lady. She is almost never anything other than calm and content, and tries hard to be polite. She has a thing for reptiles, however, and her job is to look after the slippery and scaly. She is often seen with one of the zoo’s less dangerous snakes wrapped around her, from the biggest draped over her shoulders to the smallest around her wrist or fingers. She is the only one that can handle the more deadlier snakes without being attacked, and can even walk into the alligator pen without worry. Her boss believes it is her calm nature reflecting on the reptiles.


Judith is Miki Sato’s Coworker and work friend. they are often chatting and eating together along with Juro Yoshida.

Judith Strand

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