Juro Yoshida

An employee of Central City Zoo. He mainly handles the aquarium and sea creatures under a team leader.


Juro Yoshida is a friendly and cheerful young man. He can get a bit loud sometimes, and is often the first to talk. He loves the ocean and anything in it, and so tends to the zoo’s aquariums and sea creatures. He also loves food, and will chat to anyone about his cooking, of which he often offers to people. He is banned from feeding the animals anything other than regulation food. He is a good cook, though, and often brings meals to Miki Sato when she forgets or is too busy. He often has damp or wet clothes, which causes a lot of colds in the winter. Due to this, he almost always has a scarf on.


Juro is Miki Sato’s Coworker and work friend. they are often chatting and eating together along with Judith Strand.

Juro Yoshida

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