Leo Mayne

The head boss of Central City Zoo. He managers the managers of the managers.


Leo Mayne is the head of Central City Zoo. He has a lot of paperwork from the job, and is always racing off for meetings and gatherings and events. He wants to stay very involved in his zoo, however, and so is also often seen walking around with the tourists or helping the workers.

Leo is a loud and friendly man, and soft-hearted. A lot of the zoo’s animals were rescued one way or another, often from worse zoos or other forms of captivity. He’s very patient and lenient, to the point where people often tried to walk all over him, but amazingly he can tell immediately and puts a stop to it. He can be as tough as the next guy while cuddling a kitten. He’s very fond of all his workers and rarely fires anyone, even if the zoo’s finances struggle because of it. Everyone at the zoo calls him the “Old Lion”, due to his soft yet strong nature, and also because of his shaggy, golden hair and beard.


Leo built his zoo from the ground up, starting with smaller exhibits and working his way up to bears and lions. He does a lot of humanitarian work, specifically for animals, and knows every vet, shelter and pound in the business. On the rare occasion he will go under the table to buy rare animals illegally, but only to save them from their captors and send them back home.

Leo Mayne

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