[CC] Derped-up summoned being.


Gender: Probably male

Height: 180cm


Hair: Fiery and apparently partially levitating

Primary Abilities: Feeding off willpower, mind control, illusion, mental blasts, all of which administered via grabbing or at close range.

Secondary Abilities: Imp horde, one of which at any point designated to dress as a puppy.


Matthäus is a half-summoned spirit, the consequence of a failed summon by a teenage Miuradai student who suffered from diarrhoea at the critical juncture and “derped-up” the spell, breaking her power over him but simultaneously leaving a great deal of his essence in transit.

The residue energy from such a large summon caused a smaller rift to link itself to Matthäus, and thus he has the loyal following of the Paper Imps, two-dimensional creatures with one-dimensional personalities who act as his cannon fodder.

Matthäus himself was formed from ancient strands of human conciousness as a Dream-stalker, a trickster spirit that resides between one of the many esoteric worlds layered between ours and the afterlife realms. The Dream-stalkers are known among magisters as supremely malicious and cold-hearted, predators of the human mind, and among select summoner clans as anti-personnel weapons of war and high powered assassins.

Matthäus is a proud and powerful specimen of his kind, with a slight exception of being what is commonly referred to among his people as a pussy. Although he hides it religiously, while not around his kin he often finds himself straying off the beaten path engaging in the guilty pleasures of petting soft animals and, without explicit enough parameters in his summons, letting targets free. This has ironically earned him the reputation of a rebellious spirit.

Now in the material world without condition, Matthäus is free to be as helpful as he wants to be… that is, depending on who’s watching.

His goal is to keep the girl who failed to summon him from completing her spell, thus establishing her hold over him, while waiting for his own body to fully materialise.


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