Maya Miyamuri

[FV] Plucky young entrepreneur.


Maya Miyamuri is the daughter of Sekirai and Saya Miyamuri. She has an eye for detail, usually chalked down to her sharper-than-usual vision, although she does not seem to have inherited any metahuman abilities.

She currently works as a manager for an online plushie sales startup, and is completing her MBA via distance education. She is also a freelance lifestyle contributor to the Central Post.



Sekirai Miyamuri

Maya sees her father as a lazy deadbeat, though he works as a teacher at Momoyuri University; she still offers to help him in a pinch, and keeps him informed of happenings in school that he isn’t aware of yet. Maya often pranks her father when his immaturity winds her up.

Saya Miyamuri

Maya admires her mother, and will often turn up at Saya’s office to seek advice, although Saya is prone to her own streaks of craziness.

The Shiroi-Miyamuris

Maya often thinks her uncle is the coolest father-figure on earth (and not just because of his abilities). She sees Rika as a source of helpful advice when her parents are no help. Her cousins Hideki and Megumi are her best friends, although due to the Senta-Momoyuri rivalry they can bicker endlessly.

Maya Miyamuri

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