Megumi Shiroi-Miyamuri

[FV] One of the most powerful latent psychics in existence.


Megumi is the daughter of Rika Shiroi-Miyamuri and Suisei Miyamuri. Like her mother, she inherited her psionic abilities from a long line of psychics.

Megumi has no ambition despite knowledge of her abilities, and is heavily lethargic. She is often seen napping in class; despite this she is an honour student and is studying Literature at Senta University.

She often shows a tendency to be impish, spying on conversations by using other people’s minds and giving the game away by commenting on a situation when she gets impatient or otherwise agitated. A propensity for overkill can be seen when she is protecting those she considers important, like when she permanenetly scrambled a molester’s brain in Over Thinking.

The Council of Magisters is of the opinion that she is one of the most powerful psychics to ever walk the earth. For this reason she is a subject of great interest of not just magisters, but DEIMOS as well. She is the only extant named person in UNSC Resolution 2114, and is not allowed to leave the country under threat of imposition by Security Council forces.


Birthday: 2/04



Megumi idolises her parents Suisei and Rika, and will act to protect them if necessary. She can be playful towards her brother, and is more concerned with her whimsy than with using her abilities for anything substantial.

Megumi’s best friend is her cousin Maya, and they make a point of hanging out with each other often though they live on opposite ends of the mainland. She treats her uncle more like a plaything than anything else, and she admires her aunt’s fashion sense.


Megumi likes making friends, and those she grows close to she dotes on. When she rescued Aiya Ena from Naoto Ogawa (in Accidentally not on Purpose), Megumi takes her under her wing and invites her for dinner with her family.

Megumi Shiroi-Miyamuri

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