[FV] A masked crusader. Defender of all Momoyuri students. Hero to his school, scourge to their rivals.


MomoMask is the self-declared hero of Momoyuri High School. His stated goal is to protect students from any threat, especially those of other schools. He is always seen wearing a mask and cape over his standard Momoyuri uniform. He has been described as having extraordinary speed and competent combat skills.


Recent incidents

In Another day at Senta, reports start coming in regarding MomoMask beating up two Senta students (who tried to pick on a Momoyuri girl). Later that day, Aiya Ena, Shiori Terauchi and Hideaki Degawa witness MomoMask defending two Momoyuri junior high girls from four Miuradai seniors. It is here that MomoMask states his reason for existing, and proceeds to defeat the four foes.


Noone knows who MomoMask is. All suspect he is a blonde Momoyuri High School student, although which one in particular is unknown.


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