Mori Seiran

[CC] Chief Engineer at Kalevala Heavy Industries


Name: Mori Seiran.
Family Unknown.

Alias: The Titan; also “Tin Man”, “Tin Titan”, “T-Swizzle” and “Tinny”.

“The Workshop”
The workshop is essentially a smaller version of the labs and workshops that he has access to at Kalevala Industries. Everything is virtually the same, save for some modifications and a power supply that draws itself from a high power solar array on the rooftop, which is the same as all the other warehouses and workshops near by. Computers, equipment and everything you would need to create or invent anything is stored at the workshop. The only things that the workshop truly lacks are a source of rare materials which are essential components of any tech that could be created.

Since the arrival of the FENRIR, a back alley has been converted into a launching bay. To assist Mori in the mobility and launch capability of the suit. Mori has also reversed engineered the power supply within the FENRIR and has created a power bay in the workshop to accomodate the suit’s power needs.

(Flight-Enabled Neurally Reactive Intelligence Raiment)
The suit is a fully encompassing, life sustaining powered armor. Within the hands and feet are “Props” (Short for propulsors) which can fire a controlled blast of varying power depending on the desires of the user. The suit can lift up to 100 tons worth of mass without fail and has the ability to fly at Mach 1 through the use of the props.

On the back of the hands there is a point where a shield projects itself, it is reasonably strong, but cannot be sustained for very long. It can cover from the shoulder to the upper thigh of the suit.

There are also speakers and an array of communications devices on the suit. It has been designed for intimidation purposes, perhaps riot control. But it is obvious that the equipment on the suit is military grade and potentially to outfit a battalion of soldiers.

The suit is incredibly resilient and as such it can withstand conventional small arms and weaponry, encompassing the user it has a life-support system which protects the user from external harm (Pathogens, airborne disease, extreme temperatures and most adverse effects.)


A renowned engineer, Mori has been researching propulsion technology for several years. But has never been able to achieve the results because of a distinct lack or resources. He has been moving from thinktank to thinktank, hoping to find someone who could potentially fund the research he has been making into new and groundbreaking methods of propulsion. Oft loud and aggressive, Mori has both the respect and fear of his peers. They believe him to be part mad-scientist, part genius. Through this he is fairly aggressive and intimidating, yet he means well in his work. Even with this amount of fortitude, he has found it incredibly difficult to source a benefactor when it comes to his research.

The propulsion technology relies on carefully timed bursts of energy which are designed to boost an object or a vehicle with it to a set speed and boost again once the speed/energy of the object/vehicle falls below a certain limit. It can also fire as a sustained blast for varying applications. The technology as Mori understands it has almost always been under the eye of other organisations, organisations and militaries that seek to weaponise the technology for their own nefarious desires.

Mori found a benefactor in Kalevala Heavy Industries, with which he has been given a team, resources and almost limitless bounds to continue his research into propulsion technology and the newer potential applications. When offered resources by Kalevala, the only condition is that the information be easily accessible to the executive board in order to review his progress and evaluate Kalevala’s position to market the product to potential clients. Mori agreed.

One night, as he was working late, he came across several schematics in his files which seemed to be dropped off by a mysterious informant. The schematics described a powered suit of armor, capable of high speed flight, impervious to conventional weaponry and utilised Mori’s propulsion technology as a weapon. The schematics were missing several segments which seemed to go over functionality that was not fully implemented yet. The suit was commissioned as the F.E.N.R.I.R (Flight-Enabled Neurally Reactive Intelligence Raiment) no military markings or badges were on the schematics, but it was listed as a working prototype, with most of the basic offensive and defensive capabilities available for testing. The informant left him the location of the suit within the facility. He knew he had to retrieve it and stow it away, security was becoming more and more lax and Mori understood this. This was made even clearer by the lack of security as he approached the suit itself.

The suit had no obvious ‘eyes’ potentially used to intimidate foes and to become as less humanoid as possible, Mori would have to use this to his advantage. He had operated powered suits before when there were open experiments for construction vehicles, but they were large, bulky and often unwieldy. This suit was something different, putting it on, he felt much lighter and stronger, his so often light frame something of an issue. But the suit appeared to augment his strength and responded quickly to his inputs. The suit’s heads up display came online and he started to pilot the suit, he didn’t have much time before someone would come to check the suit’s integrity. It moved as you would expect it to, Mori’s experience in the construction vehicles were nothing compared to the F.E.N.R.I.R. He rushed for the window and crashed straight through it, falling through the air, the suit began to take hold and hovered him in place. Alarms went off in every direction and Mori assumed how the suit was meant to fly, the triggers he usually used on his more industrial projects were shifted about and designed to interact with the pilot’s movements. He flew away from the centre, away from everything and brought it down to his workshop outside of the city.

The workshop Mori had been keeping was modest, it had most of the technology that he had at his hands when he was working. Powered by a large solar array on the rooftop, it blended in well with the other buildings, innocuously fitting in with the other raw industries scattered about, the night and cover allowed him to take the suit back without issue. Knowing that the suit would have some kind of protective systems which were clearly not functioning when he took it, he began work into disabling what security functions there were and adapting the suit to fit his needs. He needed to find out who designed the suit, who started to develop weapons using his technology and how many more suits there were. There was without a shadow of a doubt other suits, and he could not let humanity fall prey to the technology he created.

Pilot of FENRIR (Flight-Enabled Neurally Reactive Intelligence Raiment).

Mori Seiran

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