Naoto Ogawa

[FV] Student in Senta High School, Class 2-B.


Naoto Ogawa is a student in Senta High School, Class 2-B. He is also a psionic, able to display advanced psionic powers (manifested tendrils, barrier creation). He is quiet at class and has a tendency to stare at people. Like fellow Senta student Aiya Ena, he can see ghosts and malevolent spirits, but wears contact lenses to hide the fact.


In Accidentally not on Purpose, he demonstrates his power to Aiya, only to be thwarted by the intrusion of Megumi Shiroi-Miyamuri.

A few days afterwards in What a day, Naoto’s memory has been mysteriously tampered with, to the point that he doesn’t recognise Aiya when they next see each other.

Naoto Ogawa

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