Rory Gyver

[FV] Miuradai high school student


Birthday: 07/12 (15 years old)
Height: 178cm
Weight: 82kg
Dominant Arm: Right
Powers/Abilities/Quirks: Good reflexes, strength, stamina and endurance

Rory has light brown hair, dark brown eyes and has a tanned complexion. Although athletic, Rory is slightly chubby, making him look even bigger than he already is. Rory is hot-headed, impulsive, and is prone to making false assumptions quickly. Despite this, he has a soft spot for people he likes, especially his kid brother.

He responds to the nickname, “Mac,” although he is unsure himself as to how it actually relates to him.


Rory was born in England but grew up in DesCha East. He is the second child of his family. His father, Angus, was an employee of Colombo Motors, which is now part of NovaGen. His mother, Penny, is a housewife. His sister, Rhea, graduated in Senta University and is now working for MegaDodo Corporation and was (and probably still is) a member of the SPR. His kid brother, Ryan, is an elementary student in Momoyuri University and is a fan of MomoMask.

Prior transferring schools, Rory was studying at Momoyuri and was part of the junior’s Basketball team. However, he got into a fight in middle school involving Rory’s rather embarrassing assumption that his visual kei idol crush is a girl. Following this, he forced himself to study far away from Momoyuri. He was initially rejected by Senta when trying to follow his sister’s footsteps. Undettered, Rory studied hard and was eventually admitted in Miuradai. He now lives alone in a small house in DesCha South that used to be an auto repair shop.

His interview can be found here.

Recently, Rory had been accepted as a goalkeeper for Miuradai’s U20 Squad, replacing Jon Lundy who’s recovering from his injury.

Rory Gyver

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