Biblos is a ‘city of magic’, a massive community of mystic creatures and magic-users located well beneath Central City. While its presence is well known, access to the city is limited and no ‘mundanes’ (their term for non-magical humans) are allowed within its walls without permission.

The city is ruled by the Council of Magisters.


Biblos is the only magical community on Earth that has a healthy population of Western magic and Eastern magic users in the same city. This can be attributed to the efforts of the Council of Magisters, who have quelled down any uprisings against themselves or the mundane world.


Although the magical community usually stays away from mundane affairs, the city supports two sports teams, Biblos Salamanca and Biblos Majica. Based on an agreement by the various DesChan extranormal organisations, all magic is nullified within the confines of Biblos Stadium.


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