Black Diamond

The Black Diamond organisation was a long-standing terrorist syndicate that lasted from 2000 to 2003. During that time they were considered by MOSS9 as the greatest threat to DesChan security. Notable members of Black Diamond included Suisei Miyamuri, Rika Shiroi-Miyamuri, and Kideiko McPierce, who was also head of MOSS9 during that time.



The Black Diamond appeared in multiple guises, mostly organised under one or more leaders. In their four attempts to take over DesCha the organisation was altered slightly but always included two or more major lieutenants working beneath a master operative.


The Black Diamond were finally crushed for good in 2004 after an assault by numerous forces (and at least one Overseer). This also resulted in the revelation that Kideiko McPierce was the grand mind behind most of the syndicate’s operations. After Kideiko’s death, most of the McPierce Family was kept under watch (although Content Not Found: kyle-mcpierce was still allowed to operate under DEIMOS).


Most of the living members of Black Diamond went into hiding after the organisation’s collapse. Most have not been seen since, although a few ex-members continued to cause trouble to the country.

Black Diamond

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