Forbidden Magic

Forbidden magic is a distinct type of magic created in universe H-P-L through application of alternate sciences. It is different to the traditional magics (i.e. Eastern and Western magic) in the way that it is cast and the elements required to cast it.


Any type of magic, as defined by the Council of Magisters, requires the following elements:

  1. A distinct set of methods required to manifest a magical effect; and
  2. A distinct energy source.

Although Forbidden magic uses manifestation methods similar to those of Traditional magic its use of these are distinctly different. The power source has yet to be discovered, but both sources of traditional magic have been ruled out.

Common Features

All subtypes of forbidden magic involve an extensive understanding of arcane lore and the principals of unspeakable knowledge. This can often lead to insanity, mutation, and death.


Binding Casting

Binding Casting involves enclosing a small portion of the magical source within a personal object, and using it as a channel.

Knowledge Casting

Knowledge Casting is the method of casting spells through manipulation of universal rules, primarily bleeding one universe’s rules into another. The user often must be acquainted with the basic laws of any universe they intend to use.

Evolution Casting

Evolution Casting is a summoning style involving the sacrifice of one being to bring forth a creature from the potential of its DNA.

Dream Walking

Dream magic involves the manipulation and travel through dream realms and reading the auric energies that leak from them onto mortals.

Sacrifice Casting

Sacrifice Casting is a very specialised form involving the destruction and replacement of a piece of the caster for a permanent channel to the source. The danger of manipulating pure energy is usually offset by the caster through a filter of power. When it isn’t, the caster becomes infinitely more powerful, but don’t often survive much longer.

Forbidden Magic

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