Momoyuri University

Momoyuri University is an educational institution located in Momoyuri City, Momoden Prefecture, DesCha East. It is the oldest continuously running school in the country (founded in 1910), and has the largest student population of the Big Three.


Like all Big Three schools, Momoyuri University is governed by a Board of Trustees, with a Chairman of the Board presiding over the school’s overall management.


Momoyuri’s primary campus in Momoyuri City occupies several city blocks, and dormitory/student boarding facilities are scattered through the greater Momoyuri City area. Additionally, Momoyuri’s agricultural campus is located in Carmine Prefecture and caters to tertiary students engaged in the study of agricultural science or biochemistry.

Budget and fundraising

Momoyuri’s status affords it significant funding from the government. Additional funding comes from various investment funds and corporate institutions, as well as large donations from the Japanese diaspora in DesCha.


Momoyuri is a semi-public school across all levels; a portion of its admission quota is devoted to admitting students enrolled in the government public school system. Momoyuri’s tertiary system is the easiest of the Big Three to enter, and admission rates for applicants can be as high as 99% in some years.

Student life

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Student life at Momoyuri revolves around traditions and ritual; the seniority system is reinforced here, and juniors are expected to attend to the seniors if needed.

Primary and Secondary students at Momoyuri observe lunch at a strictly set time. Japanese Literature is a subject in the curriculum.

Tertiary students are given extra credit should they decide to take Japanese Literature or Japanese History as an elective, and are expected to assist Momoyuri City council during its yearly festival.

School Wars

Every three or so years, students are encouraged to participate in the School Wars, a friendly conflict between the Big Three. In previous School Wars the conflict has escalated to the point that it has endangered public safety (up to and including threat of thermonuclear annihilation) and DEIMOS agents had to be called in to quell the hostilities.

Clubs and Associations

Club/Association membership in Momoyuri across all levels is mandatory, so that no student is outside of the club system.


Momoyuri has numerous athletic teams at the collegiate level, including the Big M (Basketball), the Peaches (Gymnastics), the Titans (Baseball), the Moose (American Football), the Rabid Racquets (Tennis) and Momoyuri University FC (Association football).

Momoden FC used to be named Momoyuri FC, until licensing changes caused the name change. Momoyuri University is still part-sponsor of the club, although the club now primarily represents the city of Momoden.


Momoyuri has had a long-standing rivalry with Senta University. Senta students consider Momoyuri students old-fashioned and backward; Momoyuri students consider their Senta counterparts overly liberal and elitist.

Momoyuri University

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