NovaGen (DSE: NGC) is a large corporation within DesCha that covers multiple industries. Their focus is mostly on high technology, as evidenced by their being the largest provider of powered support technology for DesCha’s army and law enforcement agencies. NovaGen is also a large provider for the commercial market, often supplying companies with work robots and efficient management systems for distribution and sales. NovaGen was the first company in DesCha to launch satellites into space, and are the nation’s second largest information provider (behind Google ).

The company currently oversees operations from the NovaGen tower, the third tallest skyscraper in DesCha and the second in Central City (mere meters behind the Gram Scale Tower).


NovaGen was founded in 1998 by Rowan Spears, a Cornell business graduate, in Yonkers , it was started with the aim of developing more intelligent work robots and cybernetics that could be used to aid wounded veterans or people with spinal problems. With sufficient funding coming from larger investors in Wall Street, the company expanded its technology interests to include architecture (work robots in construction), astronomy (faster parallel processing and better digital processors for imaging), agriculture (through automated farming systems), and various other disciplines. In 2006 the DesCha government officially requested that the company move to their country in exchange for generous subsidies and a massive tender for government and law enforcement. NovaGen agreed to a compromise: the company took on only limited tenders and zero subsidies but moved the company’s global headquarters to Central City and Spears appointed his fraternal twin Samus (a Harvard business graduate himself) to the position of CEO, while Rowan kept the chairmanship of the board of directors.


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