Western magic

Western magic in DesCha is a distinct type of magic that has taken precedence among European and American spellcasters. It is different from Eastern magic in the way it is cast, and the elements required to cast it.


Any type of magic, as defined by the Council of Magisters, requires the following elements:

  1. A distinct set of methods required to manifest a magical effect; and
  2. A distinct energy source.

Although Western magic uses many manifestation methods similar to those of Eastern magic they are distinct enough that on sight alone one can distinguish between a caster of the Western persuasion and his opposite number. Additionally, through generations of scholastic inquiry and energy probing, the energy source of Western magic has been declared entirely separate from that of Eastern magic, though the two are similar.


Vancian casting

Vancian casting (also known as verbal casting) is the method of learning an entire spell through rote memorisation. The final word of the spell is saved until the moment the spell is cast, where it is used as the ‘trigger word’ to speak the spell into effect.

Janusian casting

Janusian casting (also known as doorway casting) is a specialised type of spellcasting that involves the construction of an elaborate spell formation. This is normally used to amplify a spell to many times the strength of a Vancian spell.

Hexes and Wards

Hexes and Wards are a type of charm magic, small trinkets empowered by a spell and left behind in order to carry out an effect.

Barter casting

Barter casting involves a sudden barter with otherworldy creatures to gain power, or to generate a stronger magic effect than possible using normal methods.

Somatic casting

Somatic casting involves a strong, defined arm or foot movements to cast spells. Although dance and cadence casting were once contested they were later shown to belong firmly with Western magic.

Implement casting

Implement casting uses wands, orbs, or staves to augment latent magical abilities in individuals. Implement casting can be combined with most other sub-types of magic to enhance the power of a spell being cast.

Western sorcery

Western sorcery is tapping directly into the energy source that powers western magic, and as handling it is extremely risky, not many Western sorcerers survive long after discovering their abilities

Contested sub-types


Antiphon magic is rare and similar to Vancian casting, but there are several distinctives which prevent Antiphon magic from being properly categorised under Western magic. Eastern magic scholars have also disputed its origin, stating that singing and spell-casting is present within Eastern magic.

Known Western magisters

Western magic

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