Welcome to the DesChaVerse!

Welcome to Central City Adventures, the first stat-based RPG located within the central world of the DesChaVerse!

Also, welcome to Forward Vision, the continued adventures of DesCha players from 2000!

Check out the Wiki. It’s slowly being built into something good! Also, if you’re playing, or helping with the articles, check out the forums!

This campaign site serves as the core hub for all things DesCha. Wiki articles are to be monitored and modified as required. All non-secret wiki information accessed and used by players is assumed to be internet knowledge (like someone using Wikipedia information).

This is also the campaign website for both Central City Adventures and Forward Vision. All Central City Adventures-specific characters will have [CC] before their tagline descriptions; Forward Vision-specific characters are marked [FV]. Characters who show up in both will have no such designator.