Aiya Ena

[FV] Student in Senta High School, Class 2-A


Gender: Female

Age: 16

Birthday: May 30th

Hair Colour: White with blue High Lights

Occupation: High School Transfer Student at Senta University

Height: 5’7’’

Weight: ??? (roughly lightweight easy to carry her)


Likes and Hobbies: Going into different clubs, helping others out, doing sports activities and reading books mostly history

Dislikes and Fears: Listening to ghosts stories, seeing the monsters and the undead, people arguing about something silly and others getting hurt

Abilities: Healing and seeing the souls of the dead
Small info about Aiya Ena: She can be quite loud at times depending on the situation, she can also get quite shy at first when meeting new people as well as going into new schools, Aiya can sometimes panic and over think things that might go wrong.

Bio: Aiya’s childhood was like any other normal child apart from one small detail, her eyes; at a very young age she knowest that her eyes changed colour when she claims to see the souls of the dead. However she had an attendant which involves the dead sprites around her, what she can remember was that and evil soul (which she thought it was at the time) dropped or pushed a rock or some heavy object on top of her legs which broke one of her feet. It was about to do it again buy luckily her parents came along just in time and took her to the hospital, the damage in the end was only a few broken bones in her feet and the fear of monsters and ghosts.

Roughly now in her teens she tries to keep her life normal as possible while trying to help other to avoided future attendants, either way from that it hasn’t been easy with her school work and the ghost problems.

More about Aiya Ena;
• Aiya and her parents came from China and have family members in Japan and with DesCha
• Her last school wasn’t so advance with computers or anything high tech; School was called Hidaka High
• Her parents are Paranormal Activity Researcher or PAR for short
• Mother’s name is Aiyuka; she has black hair mostly in a bun, wears a really smart suit grey coloured with black shoes. Her side of the family has the ability to see souls of the dead, but missed her generation and passed down to Aiya. Aiyuka works in a computer centre to help customers with their technical problems
• Father’s name is Aki; he also has black hair with a small pony tail, wears casual clothes grey shirt, blue jeans and dark brown boots. His side of the family are known to work really hard what they love most in work and well trained in Martial art for self-defence, so Aiya knows to look after herself if things get a bit ugly. Aki works in a food factory to pack any veggies or fruit away to head out into the shops that are around DesCha as well as stocking up packages that come to the factory thanks to his older brother.
• Her cat is called Figgie which he loves to catch mice when he go on his little hunting rounds

Aiya Ena

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