Aiya Ena

[FV] Student in Senta High School, Class 2-A


Age: 16 (possible time skip 19-20)
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 30th
Height: 5’7"
Weight: light
Hair colour: White with blue highlights (any type of blues)
Eye colour: Jade green
Skin: White
Occupation: High school transfer student at Senta Highschool/University


Personality: a timid young woman who thinks before she acts in different types of situations. She can sometimes act brave and imitating towards the threat, who ever bother her friends or to people weaker then them. She’ll speak her mind and stand up for that thus person, no matter what background they may have. Other times, she may act a little bit clumsy, getting into a panicky and worried state. Even when the task given to her is too great for her alone to do so, and wonders why she got herself into that type of situation. Besides that, even it comes to it, panicked or not she can still hold her own in battle.
By her cousin Hiroki, she’s known to be the encouraging type of person. Giving hope and support to those who need it.

Hobbies: Reading, swimming, and dancing
Fears: Ghosts & Monsters, losing control of her powers, and thunder & lighting

Likes: Cooking (a little bit), her cousins; Hiroki and Fang, trying new skills (includes sports as well), gymnastics, and helping others if needed
Dislikes: People arguing, ghost stories, and School/University rivalries

Physical traits:
Can manage to lift roughly the same body weight as herself
Can be very flexible (thanks to her dancing and gymnastics)
And is quick on her feet with her above average fighting skills
Martial arts:
Kick boxing; learning it when she was in her previous high school (for no weapons combat)
Kendo; skill inherited within the Ena family bloodline before moving to DesCha (and skill practices when she gets home after school)

Heal: Helps her fellow allies by curing the damage that has happened on their skin or muscle tissue. But the more she uses her healing skill, the weaker she gets and may lack in its effects.
Foresight; the sight to see spirits:
With this skill she can see souls which yet to pass on, or that could be a possible threat to the living. She would mostly use this to avoid any spirits that she see, or warn others not to go near where a threatening soul may be.
Her eyes change colour when a few wondering souls are near by;
Purple: for the harmless and peaceful souls
Red: for the threatening and dangerous souls
In the future she may learn to adapt to this skill, to just see the auras of the wondering spirits, without her eyes ever changing colours.

(More skills may show through time…)

Bio: Aiya had a reasonably normal childhood, with no problems at all. Apart from the odd teasing some of the children did, because of her abnormal skill to change her eye colour. Her mother, a family member of the Ena clan, was the first to notice her daughter’s skill when she was about 5 years old.
She was happy playing with some of the souls that she became with, thinking nothing bad about them. That is until, when she was about 7 years old, one particular soul who tried to kill her. The threatening spirit pushed some type of heavy object or huge rock from one of the highest bridges there was at the time, to which at this point coincidently, Aiya fell over on the ground and was about to get back up till the thus object came into contact with both of her legs. Braking them as she shouted in pain and pleaded to anyone around to help her. The few friendly souls that were with her tried their best, to ever calm young Aiya down, or chasing away the threat who attempt taking her life. Eventually her parents came around to see the situation, her father pushing the object off her now broken legs, while her mother called for an ambulance for a medical emergency. She stayed in the hospital for about 4 months for recovery and rehabilitation so she can walk again, but through this time she developed of fearing ghosts. So when she saw any of her friendly spirits, she would kindly ask them to keep their distance and leave her be for now. Some of the soul were deeply sadden by this, but respected her wishes with one saying, “I… We hope for the best for you. Till you get your confidence back, we will always be your friends and come to your aid if you need us. We promise.”

Now in her mid teens, Aiya tries her best to live normally as possible, so she just have a normal life. Her Foresight ability only triggers when a ghost is near by, using this time to avoid any future dangers that may face. It hasn’t been easy, specially when it come to her doing her chores and school work. She doesn’t know the reason why they do this, but she ever gets them done quickly as possible (mostly her chores), or go to some place else to where she knows (or not) that is safe from any souls who pose a threat.

Aiyuka Ena and Aki Sunchi Ena: a happily married couple who fell in love with one another because of their passion on finding the strange and paranormal. Becoming Paranormal Researchers in how they happen and discover spiritual activities. But sadly they had to stop, after 10 years on the paranormal that their daughter got seriously injured, as well as her gaining to fear ghosts.

Hiroki Ena: Aiya’s first cousin from the Ena family line, as well as a big brother figure when she doesn’t feel comfortable with talking to her friends in school. He like to joke about to cheer his young cousin up, while sometimes gets a chance to go swimming with her too. Hiroki was also the one to gifted her, her special tassel like earring, saying to Aiya, “If you feel like your in a sticky situation, chant the word, ‘Kitsune’ 4 times. And she will come.” Till her age now she still doesn’t understand why he said this, but she has a feeling that this may be useful in the future.

Fang Chipaws: Aiya’s oldest cousin from her father’s side of the family, knowing to be very hyperactive and sometimes strict moods. She was taking a course in teaching in sports when a freak accident happened to her, but has gotten use to it in time. At times Fang’s dog/wolf like traits may get the best of her by nature, but knows where her thoughts lay as humanly wise as possible. Also Aiya herself is one of the only few, that knows Fang can willingly change forms from human to a werewolf. Apart from full moon littered nights, where some troubles may happen and linger.
(Fang later becomes Aiya’s coach/teacher, going to the closest gym to practice her gymnastics or Kendo skills, which happens after school. Thanks to family connections.)

Senta Students;
2-A students:
Shiori: the first few people to greet Aiya to Senta, and a very nice person too. Though she does question her method of communication towards one of their fellow students.

Hideaki: an interesting and knowledgeable male, who tries his best not to get high scores or show off in classes. Always having some type of drink meal besides a proper one. He also gets exposed quite a bit of violence when speaking his mind of things.

Noah: seeming like a laid back type of guy with a heart of gold for looking out for his fellow classmates, since being the precedent of his class. But seems to be ‘too nice’ for Aiya’s teases, to which she keeps her comments to herself alone.

Cedric: a student that always wears his headphones, listening to his rock type music. He seems to be a punk sort of person to Aiya though, but doesn’t know the reason why.

Fontaine: or to Aiya, she would call him by the nickname Font. Another friendly student who seems to be very knowledgeable with the culinarian arts.

Benjamin Black: a new student to join the same school and class as Aiya, but thinks everything can be solved by using money. Also he finds him very annoying at times, and wants to keep away from him as much as possible.

2-C students:
Francesca: not much that Aiya can remember of her, apart from being a member of the kitchen club and… A bit of a nosey parker, she thinks…

Darius: a gifted magic user who looks up to ‘one of the teachers’ as inspiration, while trying to help Aiya to get over her fears of ghosts and monsters. Which sadly didn’t work effectively.

Dante: honestly she doesn’t know what to think of him, knowing that he was a random child falling out of the sky.

Ueno: looks likes someone that Aiya could possibly go to, but still isn’t 100% sure how yet

Rika: one of the newest teachers at Senta which first got along with, until the incident that her daughter. Now Aiya wants to keep away and doesn’t want to course any more trouble with her, then she already is now

Rory: or Mac as he likes to be called, is one of the few Miuradai students that she got to know a little bit, but felt like there was another besides him. Nevertheless she feels like she can talk to him from time to time, besides her Senta friends.

Burçin aka BD: seems to be a happy-go-lucky kind of Miuradai student, and that again like Rory Aiya may get along with if she ever sees them.

Daisuke: a sword user as well as one of Aiya’s seniors at Senta, she sometimes wonders how he can carry so many swords with him.

Sensei Miyagi: senior 3-A’s mathematics teacher… Enough said.

Eidolon: a random stranger that implanted something within her body, and one of the creepiest she met thus far. She questions so many times to herself, “Why did he choose me?” or “What the heck did he placed inside?” This brings content fear to her mind, but she wants to find him to get her answers.

Geoff: like Noah, he too is also class president in 2-C. He seems like the hard work study type, in Aiya’s view, but hasn’t clicked together of them becoming friends yet.

Grade: also known to Aiya as; the emotionless craze who tries to kill her, and may never trust at all.

Hideki: only met briefly but seemed to be a nice guy to talk with besides his older sibling, sadly Aiya doesn’t get to do so much.

Sensei Hayashi: 2-A’s home room and Science teacher. Apparently hearing that he was the one who burnt down the school’s kitchen facilities.

Megumi: a very powerful psychic user that Aiya would not argue with again, she sometimes questions her mental state on things since she thinks like a child would. But in other cases, Megumi acts like a big sister to Aiya, as she sometimes looks out for her and tries her best to help.

Naoto: a Senta student in 2-B with some of the same powers as Aiya has, but seems to be more in depth with some type of dark energies. But afterwards he doesn’t seem to remember her afterwards. She plans on talking to him in the future, but may have to ask Megumi to undo what she did to him. For a possible chat and tips to use such energies properly.

Nico: leader of the Kitchen club and also a very picky rating critic, but though she’s starts to like it a little. She learning a lot from him somehow.

Paul: another Miuradai student from the boy trio who seems cool, but Aiya thinks he has his eyes on Shiori. Maybe thinking that she looks nice or something? Only time will tell.

More about Aiya Ena;
• Aiya and her parents came from China and have family members in Japan and with DesCha
• Her last school wasn’t so advance with computers or anything high tech; School was called Hidaka High
• Her parents are Paranormal Activity Researcher or PAR for short
• Mother’s name is Aiyuka; she has black hair mostly in a bun, wears a really smart suit grey coloured with black shoes. Her side of the family has the ability to see souls of the dead, but missed her generation and passed down to Aiya. Aiyuka works in a computer centre to help customers with their technical problems
• Father’s name is Aki; he also has black hair with a small pony tail, wears casual clothes grey shirt, blue jeans and dark brown boots. His side of the family are known to work really hard what they love most in work and well trained in Martial art for self-defence, so Aiya knows to look after herself if things get a bit ugly. Aki works in a food factory to pack any veggies or fruit away to head out into the shops that are around DesCha as well as stocking up packages that come to the factory thanks to his older brother.
• Her cat is called Figgie which he loves to catch mice when he go on his little hunting rounds

Aiya Ena

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