Kale Teucer

You think you're sick of math? Not as sick of it as Kale is


Name: Kale Teucer a.k.a. Accuracy
Age: 23
Likes: stagnant things, simple things
Hates: math
Hobbies: archery
Skills: math, near-perfect accuracy, above average vision
Occupation: Math teacher of Momoyuri Senior class 3-B(or C)
Family: Some super good archer ancestor, Parents who have too much fun mangling names into nicknames


Kale was an unfortunate victim of a Kumon Math Center of Hell. By the end of it, he could quantify and calculate everything he saw, heard, and felt. He could tell distances and sizes perfectly. He could determine how far and in what direction something was just from the sound it makes. He can figure out exactly how much force he was exerting and how much he had to change it to get the effect he wanted. All this combined made him a natural marksman with a near-perfect accuracy record. In exchange, he was a prisoner to Math. He always hated the subject, but he can’t help but let it affect the rest of his life now.

While it got a lot better, Kale’s memory is still terrible. He can’t memorize things on the spot, so he has to keep repeating new details to himself in his head. He will often bring up subjects he’s currently trying to memorize in conversation, in an attempt to make the memorization process easier. Kale tries to make a clear relationship with people in order to make it easier to remember how to treat them. He exaggerates how he treats people until he can remember how things stand between them. If he meets a person with a nice impression, he will be overly nice with them. If he meets a person with a bad impression, he will keep picking fights. Once he can naturally remember someone as nice or bad, his actions stabilize into a more normal level. When he’s alone at night, he repeats new people, places, and subjects to himself until they are committed to memory. Kale does as much as he can to make his memory problems unnoticeable.

Kale’s hate of math everywhere makes him hate seeing busy, chaotic places. The less there is around to calculate, the better. Therefore, he ends up keeping things tidy around him. When he is depressed at times, he fancies the idea of making everything disappear. Not that he ever acts on it. He likes doing simple things that do not require much thought.

Kale Teucer

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