Kyujin Ueno

[FV] DEIMOS Field Ops Team 2 Captain; Protects the ones he loves


Birthday: 07/12
Height: 168cm
Weight: 77kg
Dominant Arm: Left
Powers/Abilities/Quirks: Air/Vacuum Control, Air and Rock Transformation (full or partial), Evil Split Personality

Kyujin Ueno, more known simply by his surname Ueno, has black hair, blue-gray eyes and a light complexion. Used to be seen wearing the Momoyuri uniform but has since changed to simple, more casual attires such as gray hoodies, dark T-shirts and jackets. After the events of Season VIII, Ueno starts sporting a white jacket with a red trim as the old one is worn out.

His abilities are unusual in the sense that it defies the natural laws of Chemistry, being able to transform one substance into another. Among these is transforming Oxygen into Nitrogen, a forbidden technique he learned during his short stay at Biblos. After learning this, he has began a more liberal use of regenerating the limbs (and clothes) he lost by reforming them in the air. His fighting style is also unusual, at least in terms of other wind users, as he prefers a more direct approach in fighting.


Originally enrolled at Momoyuri University, Ueno was abducted by Black Diamond in his then penthouse at Kuhoji Building. After having to fight for his life and escape Black Diamond, he was then recruited by Kideiko to join MSS9, under the Heaven’s Sword Team.

Ueno, however, did not get along with his team, especially not with his leader, Ichidai Takahashi. In fact, Ueno was indirectly responsible for his temporary death as he had abandoned his mission after having an argument with his captain. As a result, he was kicked out of his team.

Although not exactly laying low, Ueno did not come back into full service again until around the formation of DEIMOS, when Grade Noriaki placed him as the Team 2 leader of the Field Ops division. It was also during this time he had met Sara Reizei and Suzume Kanahata, two people who eventually became close to him.

After participating in an inter-dimensional tournament called Tournament of Deviant Arts, Ueno found himself living in Biblos for a short period of time, where he trained a wind-magic apprentice named Yujin. It was here where he also obtained some form of wind magic as well as his evil split personality, Kazekawa.

Upon returning back to the surface world, Ueno fought countless of battles against the Kurenai Unmei. Eventually, he had found out that its leader, Heiroshi Akira, had captured Suzume for his own ends. Although her rescue was a success, he finds the world’s fate under the hands of Shin Lao, who eventually causes The Interim.

After the Interim, Ueno had re-enrolled in Momoyuri to pursue Architecture and Acoustics. He had also been redesigning his house ever since, especially after he graduated. Ueno is shown to still see Sara and Suzume from time to time, although less frequently after he graduated. For times when Ueno was too busy and tired to go out, he would ask Gale to keep an eye on Suzume, of which Gale misunderstood as instructions to stalk her.

Kyujin Ueno

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