2013 School Wars

The 2013 School Wars are the latest iteration of the once-in-three-years School Wars between Senta University, Momoyuri University and Miuradai University.

Due to incidents with past School Wars, several rules have been put in place and are being enforced by the school administrators:

School Wars general rules:
  1. The Junior High, Senior High and Collegiate levels for each school receive an oversized flag bearing the emblem of their school. Care and positioning of these flags is left to each level’s student council, but must be placed in general view.
  2. The objective is to steal as many flags as possible from other schools and store them in the home school. These flags can either be stolen back or taken by a third school.
  3. When a flag is successfully taken, a new flag is provided by the administrators at the start of the next day. Each level cannot have more than one flag active at a time per day.
  4. Most captured flags wins.
  5. The destruction of flags is prohibited.
Additional rules:
  1. Students of the Junior High, Senior High and Collegiate levels may participate.
  2. All members of a club or sports team are expected to participate.
  3. Teachers can aid their students, but not directly attack other schools.
  4. Students of the Collegiate level can aid but not attack those of a lower level. Students of the Junior and Senior High levels can choose any target they feel is appropriate.
  5. Harming the public will warrant investigation from DEIMOS and is strictly prohibited.



Minor preparations
  • Daily exercise drills for all Miuradai sports clubs are intensified.
  • Senta students begin refurbishing the artillery cannons.
  • Momoyuri students begin to re-assemble the Momo Cannon.
The mysterious MomoMask
  • An incident involving MomoMask and two Senta senior high students makes its way to Senta message boards.
  • Reports of MomoMask appear in Lillehammer, the school’s official BBS.
  • Senta students capture MomoMask defending two Junior High Momoyuri girls from four Senior High Miuradai boys in Mizuna Mall. MomoMask succeeds, and the resulting footage causes a storm of comments in the Senta message boards.
  • A dedicated MomoMask thread appears after the incident in Mizuna Mall.
Senta-Miuradai Aggression
  • Groups of high schoolers clash during the mid-term exams.
  • The Senta pacifist movement is started and soon after disbands, to be replaced by the Weaponeers and Armorers Council of Senta (WACS)
  • While swimming in DesCha West, a team of Miuradai collegiate students are attacked by members of the Senta War Team.
  • Momoyuri joins the fray with a team of snipers.

2013 School Wars

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